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NELSON ILLUSIONS is the largest touring illusion show in the United States, carrying over 30,000 pounds of equipment, and is 3 times larger than any other touring illusion show. Nelson Illusions features the largest illusion ever seen: the ten-foot-tall Jet Turbine, from which a woman tries to escape as it pulls her in. Nelson Illusions is a one-of-a-kind theatrical spectacle that combines rare & original illusions from around the world with award winning, jaw-dropping magic. The show features 4 Master Magicians, each with an exciting, engaging, original style. The show combines a thoroughly entertaining blend of mystery, drama, romance, & comedy with some of the most beautiful & astonishing stage magic in existence today... And audience members are brought on stage to share the wonder! a girl sawn in half in plain view, an elegant lady who floats in circles, a man who melts through a sheet of solid steel, a woman who gets shot out of a cannon, a man who risks death between two four-foot tall spinning saw blades, and much more.

Show highlights include...

a girl sawn in half in plain view,
an elegant lady who floats in circles,
a man who melts through a sheet of solid steel,
a woman who gets shot out of a cannon,
a man who risks death between two four-foot tall
spinning saw blades, and much more.

NELSON ILLUSIONS is 90 minutes of
the BEST Magical Entertainment around.



fell in love with magic at the age of 5 and has been performing ever since. He began with learning sleight of hand and close-up magic, and then moved on to study magic history, stage performance, and illusions, making him an all around magical specialist. At university he studied acting, mime, production, lighting, and sound technology. There, he met his future wife, Lynn, and the magic truly began. Together, they created a world class illusion show and developed a number of the original illusions and routines featured in it. Jeff ’s skills have earned him awards as well as TV credits as a magical consultant. His inventive mind is always working on improving presentations and designing new routines and effects for the show. He believes theatrical magic is a truly pure art form and continues to study and express his art in creative new ways.



has a tradition of performance and theatre in her family. (Her grandfather managed a large vaudeville theatre in England.) Lynn grew up listening to tales of magic and the theatre passed on to her by her dad, who created many tricks for her when she was a child, as well as encouraging her in the art, and in woodworking - skills she later applied to the show. In highschool, Lynn studied theatre and performed magic in variety shows, before going on to take university courses in stage acting, design, costuming, sets & props production, and earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. While she still accompanies Jeff in the performance of illusions, Lynn is a skilled magician in her own right and presents a number of solo effects in the show, including an award winning Parasol Act.



made her first stage appearance by pulling her father’s
straight jacket off stage at the age of 18 months. Since then, her repertoire has expanded considerably. Sharii is a magical prodigy whose performance skills have earned her a scholarship along with several competiton awards including “Best Newcomer,” “Best Junior Stage Act,” and a coveted “Award of Excellence.” As a magician, she has worked on a cruise ship, toured with a circus, & performed in theatres throughout the U.S. Because she grew up constantly being on the road and performing, Sharii was home schooled. When time permitted, she studied dance and acting, which she skillfully incorporates into her stage performance. In the show, Sharii presents a world class cabaret act, producing 8 doves & a large parrot. She performs an eerily elegant floating table routine and is featured in a number of illusions. Sharii studied acting and all aspects of theatre production at Montgomery County Community College in Pottstown, PA, where she met Scott MacNeill in the Spring of 2012. In May of 2015, Sharii and Scott were married.



studied Acting, Stage Lighting, Set Production, Properties and Music in college. Scott's travels have taken him from Pennsylvania, where he grew up, all the way to New Orleans, Louisiana, where he absorbed the vibrant culture and performed onstage, further developing his love of the stage and the performing arts. Scott has studied and worked in fields as far-ranging as carpentry, psychology, literature, and environmental studies. Scott's variety of experiences has made him somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades, allowing for a versatile set of unique talents that he brings to Nelson Illusions. Scott and Sharii met each other in the Spring of 2012, in a Theatre class in Montgomery County Community College in Pottstown, PA, where they studied acting and theatre production together, and they married in May, 2015.


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